A documentary web-series that highlights the threats of the upcoming 2024 Olympics in the Parisian banlieue through the eyes of local residents and activists.

Context: A longstanding rupture divides Paris from its surrounding suburbs, the banlieue. With the 2024 Olympics on the horizon, a profitable rent gap is being created, carving out a new landscape for real estate speculation. Many residents in Seine-Saint-Denis are unaware of these future threats, and current resistance efforts tend to be siloed.

Project: To make these future threats tangible, I am developing a documentary web-series rooted in popular education principles in collaboration with a documentary filmmaker. Through a series of 5-10 minute vignettes that each follow the story of a resident or activist in Seine-Saint-Denis, I hope to center resident knowledge to point to broader socio-spatial stakes at play. Over the Spring of 2019, I will develop the first three episodes, after which I will organize a film screening to convene my project partners, share stories, and gather input for the web-platform which will host the series.

Partnerships: My main partners are the narrators whose stories are featured in the film, local anchors that have long-standing relationships with residents, as well as activist groups mobilizing around the Olympics. Ultimately, my goal is to convene these local actors, synergize activists efforts, and amplify existing on-the-ground work to strengthen resident ability to mobilize against future threats and claim their right to the city.