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I situate my work at the intersection of community organizing, research, and design. I am passionate about building just, inclusive cities and empowering communities to shape the future of their neighborhoods.

I have been studying cities for the past 10 years through my academic, professional, and activist life. I am drawn to urbanism as a critical area of intervention because cities have always been a site of power and contestation. In the words of geography David Harvey, ““the right to the city … is a right to change ourselves by changing the city more after our heart’s desire.” To me, reimagining our cities is thus a “world-making” practice: by changing the city, who can live there, and who gets to shape it, we can change the value systems that our society is based upon.

My work is firmly grounded in the belief that those most impacted by today's pressing urban issues are expert problem-solvers and that my work should follow their leadership. Moving forward, I hope to continue developing research and multimedia tools to demystify complex urban processes, and to work closely with organizers, activists, and advocates to put power in the hands of everyday people.  My work is based in New York City, my chosen home, and in Paris, my hometown.